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Wikid Pad On USB

Wikid Pad On USB



This page describes how to move WikidPad on an USB stick or similar media if you use the Windows binary installer.
  1. Install WikidPad either directly on the stick or on the hard
    drive. During installation you are asked if you want to
    "Associate WikidPad with .wiki files" and "Handle URLs with
    'wiki:' by WikidPad". Uncheck both options, they wouldn't work
    with the USB installation anyway.
  2. Start WikidPad.
  3. Open the "About" dialog (in menu "Help") and scroll the shown
    text down to the end. The configuration directory is mentioned
  4. Go with the Windows Explorer to this configuration directory.
  5. Close WikidPad. After a short time you should see there a file
    "WikidPad.config" and a directory ".WikidPadGlobals" (if they
    are not already there).
  6. Move file and directory to the directory where you installed
  7. If you installed WikidPad on hard drive, copy or move it to
    the USB stick.
  8. Start it from there by double clicking on the "WikidPad.exe"
    file in the destination directory on the stick.
  9. Repeat step 3., but this time the configuration directory
    should be identical to the destination directory. If it is
    not, something went wrong.
Now WikidPad doesn't need anymore to modify any files on the host computer and you can carry wikis as well as the configuration files on an USB stick to every computer you want.

For details how this works, see ConfigurationFiles.

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