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The Editor

The Editor
Auto save



The text editor is in fact the place where all the work is done: text is typed, links are specified, attributes are added to a page. etc. It supports most of the default editing functions like: Furthermore it suports a number of specialised functions, like: Also a number of functions are implemented to make life easier, like: The editor has many settings that control it's behaviour; the more general settings are listed below; the additional settings are listed on the pages of the subjects that they relate to.


Auto save

WikidPad tries to save the document in the editor window for you often. This "auto save" occurs:
  1. after about 5-15 seconds of idle time.
  2. on navigation to a new wiki page.
  3. on shutdown.
A page can be saved manually by pressing Ctrl-S.

[1] When copying from external sources like web pages, wikidpad will only paste the text, nót the formatting tags.
[2] The default drag and drop performs a "cut and paste" of the selected text; a "copy and paste" can be performed by holding the Ctrl key when dropping.
[3] Spell checking is optional and needs a plugin to be installed.



Set date format
Set the format for the "insert date" menu option. Shows a dialog window with a directive list and a preview section with whitch the date format can be set.

Tabs to spaces
Controls whether tabs are inserted as tabs or as spaces.

Show indentation guides
Switches the display of indentation guides in the editor on or of.

Show line numbers
Switches the display of line numbers in the editor on or of.



Sync. highlighting limit
Limit of page size in bytes when to switch from synchronous highlighting (calculated after each keypress) to asynchronous highlighting (calculated in the background and shown when ready). Recommended value: 3000 to 5000 bytes

Highlight start delay
For async. highlighting how long to wait after key press (in seconds) before starting the highlighting work in background. Recommended value: 0.2 to 0.5 seconds

Synchronize editor by preview selection
This option provides a workaround to synchronize the scroll position in HTML preview with that in the editor.
If this option is checked, you can select some text in the preview and when switching back to the editor, the selected text will be searched by the editor and it's first occurrence highlited as selected.

Autosave active
Save current page content to disk (if modified) after a few seconds of inactivity.

There are two delays which both must be exceeded before a save operation is triggered (if Autosave is active).

Delay after key pressed
How long to wait after the last keypress in the editor (default: 3 seconds). Recommended value: 1 to 5 seconds.

Delay after page dirty
How long to wait after the page was initially modified (dirty) after last save (default: 15 seconds). Recommended value: 15 to 180 seconds.

Plain text color
Specify the color of plain text (like this one) in the editor by pressing the little "..." button to start the color dialog or by entering a numeric HTML color (e.g. "#000000" for black) in the text field. Leaving the field empty chooses the default color.

Link color
Set the color of links (URLs and existing wiki words, e.g. http://nowhere) in the editor. See "Plain text color" above for details.

Attribute/script color
Set the color of attributes and scripts (e.g. ) in the editor. See "Plain text color" above for details.

Background color
(Works only partially). Specify the background color of the editor. See "Plain text color" above for details.

Selection fg. color
Specify the foreground color of selected text. See "Plain text color" above for details.

Selection bg. color
Specify the background color of selected text. See "Plain text color" above for details.

Margin color
Specify the color of the editor margin on the left (normally gray) which can also contain line numbers.

Text cursor color
Set the color of the text cursor (the small blinking vertical bar).

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