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Change Log19

Change Log19
1.9 beta 20
1.9 beta 19
1.9 beta 18
1.9 beta 17
1.9 beta 16
1.9 beta 15
1.9 beta 14
1.9 beta 13
1.9 beta 12
1.9 beta 11
1.9 beta 10
1.9 beta 9
1.9 beta 8
1.9 beta 7
1.9 beta 6
1.9 beta 5
1.9 beta 4
1.9 beta 3
1.9 beta 2
1.9 beta 1


1.9 beta 20

Nov. 27, 2008 (1.9beta20)
    * Option to automatically search text selected in preview when
      switching to editor for better synchronization (thanks to
      François Savard).
      See OptionsDialog#*Synchronize# editor# by# preview# selection*
    * Dialog to go to parents/children has now "open in new tab" button.
    * Several presentation options for GraphViz structure plugin.
      See WikiStructureGraphs#+++# Options
    * Show folded lines with match during incremental search and
      unfold at the end of inc. search if necessary
    * Internal: Menu plugins can now place their items into submenus
    * Bug fixed: Styling text with bold or italics markup failed if
      markup was changed to something non-Ascii.
    * Bug fixed: Spell checking did not handle language attribute
      correctly when switching from one page to another with different
    * Bug fixed: If WikidPad is set to stay on top, print preview
      did not work

1.9 beta 19

Oct. 26, 2008 (1.9beta19)
	* Option to set whole wiki read-only.
	  See OptionsDialog#*Read-only# wiki*
	* Wiki-bound option to auto-show log window in addition
	  to global option
	* "Collapse whole tree" in context menu of tree items
	* Slightly different ordering of tree children with "tree_position"
	  or "priority" attribute
	* Support for cascading four CSS files from different places
	  on export (application base, admin base, user-bound and wiki-bound).
	* For external preview there can be three more to set it differently.
	  See [Cascading style sheets]
	* More logical syntax for textblocks (submenu title is not needed to be
	  indented anymore like the rest of submenu).
	  See [TextBlocks]#Submenu# title=
	* Renaming the page which is root node of tree now also changes
	  the root node to the new page name.
	* More compatible with newer wxPython versions on Windows
	  (thanks to Serge)
	* Bug fixed: Prioritizing more specific global settings for tree
	  node state (icon/bold/color) over less specific ones did not work
	* Bug fixed: Diverse problems with IE preview
	* Bug fixed: Using templates when "templates_head" is set to "auto"
	  (or not set at all) prevented "Use link title if present"
	  from working
	* Bug fixed: Doc structure didn't update anymore
	* Bug fixed: On inserting a textblock, selection was not replaced
	  and "undo" didn't behave well
	* Bug fixed: "priority" attribute did not influence "importance"
	* Bug fixed: Indentation containing real tab characters was not copied
	  unmodified to next line on auto-indent

1.9 beta 18

Sep. 27, 2008 (1.9beta18)
    * Insertion [:rel:back] introduced to go back in history.
      See [Insertions]
    * Option that double-clicking into preview switches to editor
    * Option to close tab when clicking on it with middle mouse button
    * Option to control what happens when dropping files.
      For all three see OptionsDialog#++++# Mouse
    * Clipboard catcher does no longer catch when copying from
      WikidPad itself
    * Most menu items and toolbar icons are grayed out if not usable
      (not yet completed)
    * Pages are now counted as parentless if they have only itself
      as parent
    * Closing a wiki pushes it on top of recent files list.
    * Bug fixed: Copying of GraphViz source produced by
      "GraphvizStructureView" plugin into clipboard did not always work
    * Bug fixed: Renaming may modify page heading in wrong way
      ("++ X" renamed to 'Y X' results in "++ Y Y X")
    * Bug fixed: "wikistyle.css" is not copied on export
    * Bug fixed: Default "wikistyle.css" has no style definition
      for heading levels 5 to 15
    * Bug fixed: Searching for regular expressions matching nothing
      (e.g. "|") may freeze WikidPad
    * Bug fixed: Nesting of text blocks into submenus doesn't work
    * Bug fixed: Empty lines between bullets/numbered items in
      HTML preview
    * Development: Menu items and toolbar icons from plugins can now
      provide an update function to enable/disable when appropriate.
      See plugin "" as example.
    * Development: Script "" added to relieve
      creation of WikidPad from source.

1.9 beta 17

Aug. 26, 2008 (1.9beta17, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 145)
    * When exporting, files in the file storage
      ("files" directory) which are referenced on exported pages
      are copied to export destination "files" folder.
      See FileStorage#+++# On# HTML# export
    * When exporting, generated files (by MimeTeX, GraphViz, ...)
      are put to subfolder "volatile" which is deleted each time
      the exporting is repeated (otherwise the folder would be
      filled up with old versions of the files).
      See ExternalGraphicalApplications#When# exporting# HTML
    * "r" appendix to image URLs to resize relative to image size.
      See UrlLinking#++# URL# Appendix
    * It's now possible to give an image URL as title for
      a wikiword or URL to use image as link. See UrlLinking

    * New plugin to create relation graph (with GraphViz) between
      wikiwords (thanks to josip_ine). See WikiStructureGraphs

    * Option to (not) force visibility of page "ScratchPad".
      See OptionsDialog#*Force# ScratchPad# visibility# in# tree*
    * Attribute values ending with semicolon (e.g. [test:foo; ])
      are now illegal (not interpreted as attribute)
    * Menu plugins can now also read their shortcuts
      from "" as main program does.

    * Windows 2K/XP and later: Copying files into file storage or
      export directory now also copies ACLs and ADSs if possible
    * Mac: Some improvements (thanks to Gareth Simpson)

    * Bug fixed: Sometimes too many empty lines in internal preview
    * Bug fixed: Startup error if no printer is installed
    * Bug fixed: "anded" regex search searched only for first term
      (thanks to milus)
    * Bug fixed: Segfault of sqlite on 64-bit Linux
      (thanks to Anton Markov)
    * Bug fixed: Linux: Problems with temporaries path for
      external plugins (thanks to jonjacksonuk and franxxk)
    * Linux standard encoding is now determined by
      locale.getpreferredencoding() (thanks to Kamil Śliwak)

1.9 beta 16

Jul. 27, 2008 (1.9beta16, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 143)
    * Option to set color of editor margin.
      See OptionsDialog#*Margin# color*
    * Option to set color of tree background.
      See OptionsDialog#++++# Tree# options
    * Option to set length of recent wikis list.
      See OptionsDialog#*Recent# wikis# list# length*
    * Option to store relative pathes to recent wikis.
      See OptionsDialog#*Store# relative# pathes# to# wikis*
    * Bug fixed: "Open Wiki Word" dialog was sometimes closed
      when keeping it open makes more sense
    * Bug reduced(?): Linux: Handling of local file URLs to start
      applications works better
    * Support for all uppercase and lowercase letters in the
      Unicode set for creating camel-case wiki words independent of OS language

1.9 beta 15

Jan. 26, 2008 (1.9beta15, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 140)
    * Menu function to copy URL of current wiki word to clipboard.
      See UrlLinking#++# Wiki:# URLs
    * Support for ordering tree children by modification date
      (Sqlite wikis should be rebuilt to speed this up).
      See WikiDocumentAttributes#*child_sort_order
    * Now remembers last used tree root and expanded nodes (optional).
      See OptionsDialog#*Remember# expanded# tree# nodes*
    * Windows: Hardware buttons on mouse or keyboard to navigate
      backward/forward in browser are now recognized (doesn't work
      for external Mozilla preview)
    * Linux: Assumed file system encoding is now UTF-8
    * Bug fixed: Linux: Some problems with non-ascii characters in pathes
      (some other issues are there yet)
    * Bug fixed: Multipage text export used local time instead of GMT time
      for modif./crea. times of pages

1.9 beta 14

Dec. 27, 2007 (1.9beta14, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 138)
    * New letter for time formats (e.g. Statusbar time format option):
      %u shows ISO-8601 weekday number (1=monday, 7=sunday)
    * Windows: Option to set a prefix string before each snippet from
      clipboard catcher (prefix and suffix now support time formats).
      See OptionsDialog#*Prepend# before# clipboard# snippet*
    * Non-Windows: Support for a file-launcher program which takes the
      path to a file and opens the right application. Normally the
      "xdg-open" script does this.
      See OptionsDialog#*Path# to# file# launcher*
    * Support for multi-value attributes and quoted values.
      See WikiDocumentAttributes
    * New attribute "paragraph_mode" to control if single newlines
      in text should be ignored and only an empty line starts a
      new paragraph. See WikiDocumentAttributes#*paragraph_mode:
    * Original Gadfly DB type: Faster algorithm to find opened word
      in tree (thanks to Geoff)

    * Bug fixed: Bad handling of empty input in "Open Wiki Word" dialog.

1.9 beta 13

Nov. 26, 2007 (1.9beta13, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 136)
    * Support for internationalization of screen messages and dialogs
      (GUI). Not supported are: attributes (e.g. "\[alias: WikiWord]"),
      shortcuts ("Ctrl-A"), external plugins, some internal messages
      (e.g. regular expression errors)

    * Bug fixed for Windows: An always visible taskbar could partly
      hide popup and tooltip windows

    * Internal bug fixed: Deleting plugin modules from a plugin API
      didn't work

1.9 beta 12

Oct. 27, 2007 (1.9beta12, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 134)
    * Support for customizing favorite wikis. See FavoriteWikis
    * Command line option to rebuild wiki (patch by mstute).
      See CommandLineSupport#*--rebuild*
    * Lock file for wiki to avoid to inadvertently open same wiki
      twice. See WikiLockFile
    * No more page history for whole window, instead history for
      each tab
    * Option to use single process is now on by default
    * Better handling of changes in global text blocks and
      recent file list if multiple WikidPad windows are open
      in same process.
    * When hiding a focused tool window, focus is transferred
      to main area panel.

    * Bug fixed: An added icon/color property always used
      default brackets [], even if changed in
    * Bug fixed: Linux/GTK: Opening context menu of quick
      search result list crashed WikidPad.

1.9 beta 11

Sep. 30, 2007 (1.9beta11, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 131)
    * Optional shortcut to focus fast search field
    * Options for timeline to suppress "empty" days and to sort
      dates descending. See OptionsDialog#++++# Time# view
    * Options for timeline to switch off wiki page list
      on hovering over date, instead showing it after clicking
      on it is possible. See OptionsDialog#++++# Time# view
    * Option to set number of separator lines between wiki pages
      in single HTML page output.
      See [Options HTML preview_export]#*Single# page# separator# lines*
    * Larger default delays for autosave
    * Possibility to set image size in percent.
      See UrlLinking#++# URL# Appendix
    * Shortcuts "ActivateLink", "ActivateLinkNewTab" and
      "ActivateLink2" now also work in incremental search mode
    * Bug fixed: Updating wikis from WikidPad 1.1 failed
    * Bug fixed: Source code did not work correctly with
      wxPython 2.8 (OS not recognized properly)
    * Bug fixed: Exception possible when running WikidPad from
      commandline while doc structure window is open
    * Bug fixed: Starting URLs with characters not in system
      codepage failed
    * Bug fixed: Wrong shortcuts shown in tooltips of toolbar

1.9 beta 10

Sep. 05, 2007 (1.9beta10, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 127)
    * Bug fixed: OS not recognized if using source version on
      Windows with wxPython 2.8
    * Bug fixed: Linux/GTK: Mouse no longer responsive after
      clicking (and a bit dragging) on tabs
    * Bug fixed: Modification date was changed when saving
      an open page even if page wasn't modified (forced saving
      was used too often)
    * Bug fixed: Template pages did not work

1.9 beta 9

Aug. 28, 2007 (1.9beta9, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 126)
    * Very basic support for a time view/timeline. Much work to do
      yet. See TimeViewWindow
    * Option to set default directory where to start when
      opening/creating a wiki.
    * Attribute "template_head" to automatically change heading of
      pages created from a template.
      See [Templates]#+++# Automatic# heading# replacement

    * Bug fixed: Plugin "Create new page" did not work with
      "Original Sqlite" databases
    * Bug fixed: Linux/GTK: Dialog not focused properly
    * Bug fixed: When cloning window only first wiki word tab was
      shown in the new window

1.9 beta 8

Jul 27, 2007 (1.9beta8, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 123)
    * New document structure window. See DocStructureWindow
    * Search dialogs (except incremental search) now show an error
      box with meaningful message when searching for a bad regular
    * Bug fixed: Font face choice dialog from options dialog did
      not work
    * Bug fixed: Linux/GTK: Changes of frame layout crashed WikidPad
    * Bug fixed: Linux/GTK: Tree has wrong mouse pointer
    * Internal: DocPage.getLiveText is cached now
    * Internal: DocPagePresenter now has stdDialog(), displayMessage()
      and displayErrorMessage() functions to make plugins more
      compatible to prev. versions.
    * Internal: Generation of live PageAst centralized in DocPages and
      made (nearly) thread-safe.

1.9 beta 7

Jul 04, 2007 (1.9beta7, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 121)
    * Limited (no error messages) support for gnuplot.
      See ExternalGraphicalApplications
    * Option to have no title on newly generated pages.
      See OptionsDialog#*Wikiword# to# title*
    * Possibility to save images on the clipboard as files
      in the "files" directory of a wiki.
      See OptionsDialog#+++++# Image# pasting
    * Option to set title of HTML table of contents.
      See [Options HTML preview_export]#*Title# of# toc*
    * New attribute "short_hint" to provide tooltip text
      when hovering with the mouse over a wikiword having this
      attribute. Also option to set tooltip appearance delay for
      editor. See WikiDocumentAttributes#*short_hint*
    * Small enhancements in spell checker dialog.
    * Using the shortcut to display wiki-wide search or replace
      dialog while the dialog is open switches focus to it.
    * Ctrl-F4 closes current tab (not customizable)
    * Bug fixed: Setting Scintilla codepage fails on non-Unicode
      wxPython (does not affect Windows binary)

1.9 beta 6

May 27, 2007 (1.9beta6, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 119)
    * New entry in "" for "ToggleCurrentFolding"
      which allows to toggle the folding in the current line.
    * Headings extended up to level 15.
    * New version of export/import format "multipage text" which
      can now store creation and modification date of a page as
      well as saved searches and wiki-bound functional pages
      (to allow a simple and complete transfer of a whole wiki
      from one database type to another).
    * When opening a wiki page in a new tab in background the open
      dialog or the search results popup window stay open.
    * Better behavior of recent files menu.
    * Tree shows tooltips if current entry is too long to fit
      in the window.
    * Function to repair folding visibility to avoid folded (hidden)
      lines which can't be unfolded anymore when header line
    * Slightly more reasonable sorting of auto-complete suggestions.
    * New format for main window title.
    * "wiki:" URLs can contain now "page=" and "anchor=" parameters
      to jump to particular pages and anchors in the pages.
      See UrlLinking#++# Wiki:# URLs
    * Possibility to use tabulator instead of | to delimit cells.
      See TextFormatting#+++# Tables
    * Option to control if links to wikiwords should be renamed
      when wikiword is renamed, can be either be "no", "yes" or
      "ask for each renaming operation" (which is default and was
      also the previous behavior).
      See OptionsDialog#*Rename# links# when# renaming# wiki# word*
    * Option to automatically hide the tree(s) after selecting
      an entry in it. See OptionsDialog#*Tree# auto-hide*
    * Wiki-specific option to set the systray icon (does not work
      for main window icon). See OptionsDialog#*Wiki# icon*
    * Internal: updated to be based now on
      rev. 1.14 in wxWidgets repository.
    * Internal: Changes to allow usage of something else than
      single brackets to tag wikiwords, attributes and insertions.
    * Bug fixed: When renaming wikiword with non-ascii or
      non-alphanumeric characters and modifying links, non-ascii
      characters were preceded with backslashes
    * Bug fixed: Sometimes the parent list of a page is not updated
      after changes.
    * Internal bug fixed: When calling PersonalWikiFrame.openWiki
      with a relative path by a script or plugin, errors may occur.

1.9 beta 5

Apr. 28, 2007 (1.9beta5, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 116)
    * Bug fixed: Preview didn't work with titled wikiwords
    * Bug fixed: When renaming wikiword with non-ascii characters
      and modifying links, non-ascii characters were preceded with

1.9 beta 4

Apr. 27, 2007 (1.9beta4, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 114)
    * Clicking on footnotes moves to the last footnote on page
      (footnote anchor). See [Footnotes]
    * Support for "auto_link" attribute: find (groups of) words
      that match a wiki word and make them links. Precise behavior
      may change in the future.
      See [WikiDocumentAttributes]#*auto_link*
    * Attribute "view_pane" to control if a page should show editor
      or preview by default when opening it.
      See [WikiDocumentAttributes]#*view_pane*
    * Support for "win" modifier (=Windows key) for hotkeys.
      See OptionsDialog#*App-bound# hotkey*
    * Added wiki-bound options to control titles of newly created
    * Option to write tabulators in editor
      (Menu: "Editor"->"Settings"->"Tabs to spaces")
    * List of all open wiki words is stored between sessions
      (does not work if "First word at startup" is set in options).
    * Right clicking on fold margin in editor shows fold menu.
    * Rebuild is now slower, but more reliable.
    * Better update of a page if some important attributes were
    * Directory "user_extensions" can now additionally be placed
      inside ".WikidPadGlobals" directory in configuration dir.
      (TODO: documentation).
    * Some changes to produce more standard-conforming HTML.
    * Internal: Added function \PersonalWikiFrame.reloadMenuPlugins
      to reload plugins while WikidPad is active (for developers).
    * Internal: New subpackage rtlibRepl (runtime library
      replacement) to replace things from Python runtime which
      might need change, currently used for re module.
    * Internal: Some speedup and convenience changes in
    * Bug fixed: editor context menu showed "Cut" and "Delete"
      greyed out if pasting is not possible.
    * Bug fixed: Links were sometimes not recognized when having
      the same page in two tabs.
    * Bug fixed: Some clipboard and drag&drop problems on Linux
      (other problems exist yet).
    * Bug fixed: Removed inefficiency when exporting large sets
      of wiki pages with many links (very large trees).
    * Bug fixed: "page" insertion did not work.
    * Bug fixed: Visited pages where always marked modified if
      folding was active.
    * Bug fixed: Script blocks were executed even if made invalid
      with preceding backslash.

1.9 beta 3

Mar. 28, 2007 (1.9beta3, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 111)
    * Autocompletion support for todo items and anchor fragments.
      See AutoCompletion.
    * HTML exporter now creates links which only contain anchor
      ("#somewhere") if linking to the same page.
    * Pagewide and wikiwide searches support now a history (not
      saved between sessions)
    * For "Replace All" operations the number of replacements is
      given at the end of operation.

    * Support for folding, includes storing of fold settings
      between sessions. See [Folding].
    * HTML entities like e.g.   are handled now.
      See TextFormatting!html.
    * System-wide hotkey to show/hide WikidPad (probably Windows
      only). Hotkeys are possible to be bound to the app and/or
      a particular wiki. See OptionsDialog#*App-bound# hotkey*
    * Option to offer closing bracket for bracketed wiki words
      on autocompletion.
      See OptionsDialog#*Append# closing# bracket# on# auto-complete*
    * Option to play a sound each time clipboard catcher caught
      text. See OptionsDialog#++++# Clipboard# catcher
    * New menu items in system tray menu to control clipboard
      catcher (for Windows).
    * New pages found during rebuild (for Original ... db types)
      get the modification date of the .wiki file.

    * Bug fixed (at least for Windows 2K/XP): Wiki words with
      foreign characters were not recognized or recognized with
      wrong characters after rebuild of wikis with "Original ..."
    * Bug fixed: After rebuild of a database, wikiwords were no
      longer recognized as existing (restart was needed).
    * Bug (probably) fixed: Attribute \[child_sort_order: natural]
      didn't always work properly.
    * Bugs fixed: Some Linux quirks, but enough remaining yet.

    * Internal: Changed wxPython namespace use from the
      old-fashioned (wxFrame) to the "wx" namespace (wx.Frame).
      There may be bugs yet.

1.9 beta 2

Feb. 26, 2007 (1.9beta2, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 106)
    * Configurable shortcuts for showing of editor/preview,
      switching between them
    * Menu item, shortcut and toolbar icon to switch between
      editor and preview (icon made by Zoltan)
    * Support for middle mouse button and context menu to open
      a word in a new tab. Works for editor, internal preview,
      tree and wiki-wide search. Middle mouse button configurable
      to open tab in fore- or background
      (see OptionsDialog#*Middle# button# without# CTRL* )
    * Buttons in "Open Wiki Word" dialog to open word in new
      tab (fore-/background)
    * Activation of [:page: ...] insertion like normal links
    * Option to set default destination directory for export
      operations (see OptionsDialog#*Default# export# dir.* )
    * Slightly better support for URLs in UTF-8 percent encoding,
      also creates such URLs now. Some URLs from older versions
      of WikidPad may not work any longer.
    * Mouse cursor no longer changes to a hand if Ctrl is pressed
      in editor and cursor is over a link (but works as before).
    * Filter to remove double clipboard pastes when using the
      clipboard catcher with certain applications (e.g. Adobe Reader)
    * Bug fixed: Creation of new wiki failed if no wiki was
      currently loaded
    * Bug fixed: Bad handling of wikiword links with non-ascii
      characters in IE/Mozilla preview
    * Bug fixed: Bad drag and drop support for tree items
    * Bug fixed: Connection lines in tree not visible when using
      anything else than Win 2K/XP
    * Bug fixed: Saving of files didn't work sometimes; when
      closing WikidPad a message "This operation requires an
      open database" appeared under some circumstances.
    * Bug fixed: PyDeadObjectError sometimes when closing WikidPad
    * Bug "reduced": Instant wiki-wide search result window pops up
      always on primary monitor in dual monitor systems.
    * Bug fixed: getWikiWordsStartingWith(..., includeAliases=False)
      failed for Original Sqlite (only needed for plugins)

1.9 beta 1

Jan. 28, 2007 (1.9beta1, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 103)
    * Userinterface change, no more tabs for edit and preview,
      but an arbitrary number of tabs for wiki pages, switching
      between edit and preview by icons in toolbar or shortcuts
    * Shortcut and menu item to open a selected wikiword in a
      new tab
    * New tree control which behaves and looks very similar (but
      not identically) to the native one.
    * Option to set text cursor color.
      See OptionsDialog#*Text# cursor# color*
    * Option to set selection foreground color.
      See OptionsDialog#*Selection# fg.# color*

    * More clear error message if no write access when closing wiki
    * Patch to find sqlite3 library on Linux
    * Bug fixed: Functional pages inside "modified-within" node
    * Bug fixed: Non-existing pages found by search if page was
      in cache yet
    * Bug fixed: Possible crash when searching non-existing pages
      in cache
    * Bug fixed: Change of text color didn't affect some styles
      (bold, headings, todo)
    * Bug fixed: Link to page with spaces in name didn't work
      with IE as preview
    * Bug fixed: Masses of superfluous tree nodes when updating
      tree on Linux
    * Bug fixed: Integer division (e.g. 5/3) gave integer result
      (e.g. 1) on expression evaluation
    * Bug (hopefully) fixed: Temporarily generated images not shown
      in IE 7 preview
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