WikiAndPad is (planned to become) WikidPad's little brother for Android.

WikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down. It is Open Source and available for Windows (binary installer) and Linux and Mac OS (as Python source).

WikiAndPad will allow to create, read and edit binary compatible wikis on the Android platform.

This is an alpha version, be very careful and make backups!

At the moment it can only:
  • open existing wikis on sd-card (can't create new ones)
  • list all wiki words, choose one to open, delete or rename it (similar to "Open Wiki Word" dialog in WikidPad)
  • edit contents of a wiki page
  • syntax highlight wiki words in the editor and allow to jump to other pages (double-tap to jump or place cursor in wiki word and tap "Go")

You can download APK-files from here if you can't or don't want to use the Google Play.

WikiAndPad-0.2alpha03.apk Binary APK file



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WikiAndPad 0.2alpha03 binary APK-file

Wiki of WikidPad
Visit the WikidAndPad Yahoo! Group to discuss issues with fellow WikidAndPad users.

Also visit the wikidPad Google Dev Group to discuss wikidPad or WikiAndPad development with fellow wikidPad developers.

To get the source of WikiAndPad go to the Subversion repository.

To get announcements about new versions you can also follow WikidPad on Twitter.

WikidPad was invented by Jason Horman who made it open source in June 2005. WikiAndPad was created October 2011 by Michael Butscher.

If you want to donate to Michael Butscher for his work and you have a Paypal account use the following link to donate via Sourceforge:


Jan 31, 2013

WikiAndPad 0.2alpha03 is now available. Open recent wikis, better navigation through large pages. Download Android APK.
May 25, 2012

WikiAndPad 0.2alpha02 is now available. Some cleaning. Download Android APK.
Jan 27, 2012

WikiAndPad 0.2alpha01_02 is now available. Option to set root directory for folder picker. Download Android APK.
Jan 13, 2012

WikiAndPad 0.2alpha01 is now available. Read/edit "Compact Sqlite" databases. Download Android APK.
Dec 16, 2011

WikiAndPad 0.1alpha03 is now available. Basic search capabilities. Download Android APK.
Nov 10, 2011

WikiAndPad 0.1alpha02 is now available. Download Android APK.
Oct 11, 2011

WikiAndPad 0.1alpha01_02 is now available. It is the first version, so be careful and don't expect too much. Download Android APK. Logo
Michael Butscher